I was trained here in this amazing school. I didn’t had the confidence to drive behind the wheel but with Dawit and co, nothing impossible until it’s done. I would recommend anyone who want to pass it at the MVA one time to just go and get trained.
I was trained in this amazing driving school. It was fun driving with Dawit. I didn’t had the confidence to drive behind the wheel but with those amazing guys in that school, manage to drive in just a matter of week. I went to the MVA and gave it just a one free shot and I am done. I recommend those who want to learnt to drive and don’t have the confidence to do so should try that school. It’s worth it.
Great service
This driving is school is the best !!!
Dawit is best instructor . You will pass your road test on first time granted. If use his instructions. Thank you so much.
Nice teacher nice school
Nice teacher and committed school
He is really fantastic !!! Great trainer!!
Excellent coaching behind the behind the wheel with 100% patience aand highly technical know-how. Highly recommended driving school for all.
It is the best school to learn driving well. Have a very excellent teachers who teaches very well.
Well organized professional driving school that puts safety first!!
I hadn’t driven in years and needed a refresh. I’m happy to have chosen Habesha Spring Driving School as my teachers. I saw two instructors (Dawit and Sadio), and had a DMV appointment session with Endale. The result was I passed it with the first attempt and feel like a better more confident driver. So overall a great experience, by good folks that supplements well an initiative to learn to drive. Especially, thanks to Dawit. Gave me a nice driving schedule according to my request. I advise new driver's to check them out.
Dawit is cool and best instructor. Just listen to his instructions. You will pass your road test on your first attempt. HDS cares about your success. Other driving schools want you to come back again and again so they can keep taking your money.Want to learn and succeed, go to Habesha driving school. Highly recommended.
This is the best driving school i believe there is. Endale was my teacher. I will say he is very patient with his students. So far, they are the best
Had a great experience learning driving with you! Made it look so easy. Thank you!
The same @Aud-rey I had a wonderful experience with Endal. He never ever yelled to me. I just want recommended for everyone's to Joining them. Then u would see shortly how u are doing very well. Thanks so much Endal for everything.!!!!!!!
The best driving school. If you want to be a well trained and qualified driver, Habesha Spring Driving School is the answer. You will never regret attending their driving school as they have the best tutor in class and a well trained and qualified drivers.
Had a wonderful experience with Endale. This driving school really deserves 5 star. Customer service is on point. Highly recommend to student drivers
This is one of best driving schools I have ever seen. It has discipline instructors with tremendous skills and experiences. They don’t yell at rookie drivers. Special appreciation goes to Dawit, he always gives you enough time to improve yourself. I do recommend people who want to become good drivers to attend that school.
This driving school is really fantastic. The instructor David is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It's 100% sure that you're going to pass your road test with them. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this school.